Hybrid note to E and T

Capitalism and War unleash human biology in recombinant and hybrid ways. In this sense the human begins to actively restructure itself. And, militaries and companies are the ones that are exploring such processes most intensively. Such invisibility begets all kinds of trauma, deformation, and amnesia-cal qualities in a species toto. It boggles my mind. This is happening. Much has likely already happened. The big nation states have only ever been war machines, no?

And corporations eased themselves into alignment over much of the last century. Corpor-national phenomena.

They are our militarily industrialized complexities, within which secrecy abounds

This evacuates and exhausts me. I suspect it exhausts those within and outside what we might consider to be the spectrum between secrecy and propriety. Secrets of trade and otherwise.

Our missing cores, our absent presences.

We, as a species, are dangerous. And we are self-destructing.

And its as if there is nothing we can do…this is what we are made of. This is the tissue, the latticework of ages. These last remnants of (en-machinated) language.

These gasps, if you will. #languageisleavingus

I repeat: This is a species that will be content to self-destruct, given it was functionally built upon machines of war, first and foremost. As we extend into the nucleus of not just the atom, but of the cell. As mere decades pass. (And to think we’re still here.)

I don’t want to be a part of it, for the most part. But here we are. This is what extinction feels like. And we are doing it to ourselves. #autocolonialism

Capitalism and War unleash human biology in recombinant and hybrid ways. This happens not in decades, but in years. #talesofthelatehuman

We are bound for it to be this way. We lead with our own complicity in all of it. This is the human, of late.

We are the extinction event.

(Make of this word and brain salad what you will. Words fail me.)

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